The cold currency war is getting hotter

Many financial market analysts now expect that interest rates on the economy will soon be reduced. Although it is not clear, it may be possible to present a new world currency with the US central banks. UU., EU, Japan and other countries that are trying to degrade their respective firms.

In addition to reducing interest rates, central banks participating in such a war will also perform negative interest rates and start to lower the quantitative reduction. First means that you lose money on your bank account and the second is policy that has already been published billions of dollars.

United States, EU and Japan will be able to break Coin Cold War as a result of Fiat’s disqualification

The reason why anyone wants the right mind to start a currency is to stimulate growth by saving people and business money.
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The idea is that if people know that they lose money, they are simply going to trade, and companies will reshape new factories or do more workers instead of accumulating cash. Cynics can say that it politicians helping counterfeit economic growth through the asset price, such as shares and real estate, skyrocket compared to local currency, while claiming there is no inflation in the market. .

At the same time, a country with a weak currency is a more competitive country on the global market because its goods and services are inexpensive in international terms. However, when other countries play an exchange rate in order to promote the local industry, which seems to be cheaper than China, in particular, many countries simply call unqualified monetary manipulation.

Will the United States win the race at the end?
Although it is not difficult to find out who will be lost in such a situation, it is far more difficult to find out who wins this war “who will win”. There are support factors for different factors, but some of the clever money is trading in US dollars for most of the bets.

“If the winner of the Cold War becomes a winner, it will be the United States, so that the dollar is stronger than this,” said Joakim Felsey, global economic adviser at investment giant’s pimco CNBC Monday. “Obviously we will be back in a situation where everyone wants to see a weak currency, no one, the central bank, really wants a strong currency and that’s why the cold currency war,” he added.